3 reason for studying online and after 1 month, this is how I feel

I switched my job to try out some opportunities. It turn out to be a good experience, but in long term not exactly suitable for me. That job position gave me a rough start for 2021, and also take quite a lot of time to study new skills from me.

So after wrestling with COVID in January and battle with task of both month in February, I finally got to sit down and plan ahead in March. I landed a better job, but with more responsibilities. So I can dig extra hour out from my recent life. I start to look to Online classes.

This is nothing new, I have been doing this for years too. But this is the first time that I consider to really pay for the course certificate instead of just sitting through the whole class.

1/ Better systems

The system haven’t change much for the course, yes. What I mean, is for myself. When the course is paid, there are quizzes and assignments deadlines, which means I can procrastinate too much. It is also a great practice on allocating my time.

2/ The certificate

Of course this is one of the big reason. I am interested in many things, they can relate to each other in workplace. But I got to find a way to prove it. No matter how big the influence it has on specific employer, it is still a way to prove that I have certain techniques and skills. I think it is important to showcase skills other then your own professional these days. The competition for suitable jobs for my age is heating up, and it takes a lot to stand out from others.

3/ Motivation

Yes, paying for the course creates a huge motivation for me, because I don’t want to waste my own money. I also want to get high grades from things I really love. (Because my grades suck during uni, because i hate engineering but I studied that in uni) These all gives me motivation to keep going on studying

How I Feel

First, I need to state the platform I used. I use udemy for python and deep learning, and Coursera for digital marketing related course.

The system is great, and easy to follow. Even working a full time job, the deadlines are workable for me. I sometimes can go ahead of the deadlines! I also like that I can listen to it with out really exactly watching the video. Because than I can take it like a podcast, listen on the go without using a lot of energy on watching the video from my phone. This helps me get lots more time to learn.

The content of specialization course are practical and useful. But those guided projects somehow is a little bit too easy. The projects are something that I can figure out on my own. So finishing the projects somehow is only for the certificate itself.

I am into the main theme of the course. The teachers can be great too. But, the structure of the course and the systems of learning is not as good as in Coursera. It is easy to stopped somewhere sometime, than takes much more time to get the motivation back. Not a good thing for me as it can easily turn into series of procrastination. OUCH!

I feel good about learning online through courses and podcast. It is also a great ways to use the time when I am commuting to work. So every single minutes can have some meanings.

And I am going to add language learning into the mix too. I have subscribed for a couple of apps I have used for free before. Lets see how things turn out when I am using there premium plans.

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