I have recently resigned from my recent job as I got a job offer from the other company. But after I give the resignation letter to my boss, I felt kind of confused…

Night School

But at that time, I am stressed by the pressure from my recent work. Loads and tones of problems popped up together, creating huge amount of works to deal with. And it is normal for your client to be impatient on work progress, but all those phone calls can be pretty nerve wrecking. Not to mention I need to handle the course materials at the same time.

I feel like I need to seek help from a psychologist at that time.

Job Vacancy

And with the help of the refer form I successfully get the job offer. It has a decent pay, the company can provide a lot of room for development, and great benefits. What else can I ask for? Right?

But as I resign from my recent job, I finally have time to look back at my recent job. Is it really that bad?

I start asking myself what do I really want?

There are certainly a lot of push factor in my recent job that makes me want to leave, but they are mostly around personal relationship issue. And the pull factor from the new job? Not much apart from room for development.

Am I regretting? No.

Am I being nervous? Yes.

I still look forward to the new job. But I am feeling the fear of leaving my comfort zone again. Plus my friend just tell me a really big news when I seek for his experience, my senior may not arrive at the project before me. That means I need to be the one that start the whole thing. What a comforting news

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